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Innovative Pest Management - Fall Invaders

Fall Pest Management – Washington DC Metro Area

Fall Facts for Pest Management The colder temperatures of fall bring different decorations, moods, foods, and fashions to Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas,...

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Dr. Kramer and Dr. Lucas Visit Arcadia Farm Camp

    Dr. Richard and Dr. Lucas,   On behalf of Heather, myself, and the entire Farm Camp Staff, we would like to personally...

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Dr Lucas Carnohan

Say Hello To The Newest Addition To Our Team – Entomologist Dr. Lucas Carnohan

We Are Excited To Announce The Newest Addition To Our Leadership Team, Entomologist Dr. Lucas Carnohan! Innovative Pest Management, Inc. is excited and proud...

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Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs and Boxelder Bugs

Wait a minute—it’s spring time!  Why are all these stink bugs and boxelder bugs that came into our house last fall showing up in...

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Does D.C., have a rodent crisis?

I saw 13 rats in 20 minutes. D.C., we have a rodent crisis. From The Washington Post. By Petula Dvorak Columnist October 17 at 6:07 PM “Oh...

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Fine Dining on Insects

Is it time for a snack? Click to watch our video that shows our CEO, Dr. Richard Kramer, hosting Sandy Spring Museum’s Benefit…”Fine Dining on Insects”...

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